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A Hyena Roleplay

Kijabi is a semi-realistic, artwork and literature based spotted hyena roleplay, located in a fictional area in Africa. We currently have four clans, Zuvan, Nyota, Magi Giza, Kusitawa.

We revolve around deviantArt, so if you'd like to join, please visit our group page for blank joining apps!


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This is a (Rated T) literate and semi-realistic roleplay. Your characters are able to express human-like emotions (think Lion King, Balto, etc.). Some visual appearances may be unrealistic, as well as some hyena interactions and mannerisms (i.e. clan ranking, pairing for life, etc.)

There may be some aspects considered unsuitable for younger audiences, including content and member interactions. There may be adult language, excessive and graphic violence (such as eating live prey, etc.), and suggestive/sexual themes.


As a community we encourage our members to create their own artwork! All work (including photos) used, must be used with credit and permission!

We are also a drama-free, bully-free zone! Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Roleplay is done through the forums, our Discord group, dA notes, or any media you prefer (so long as staff can copy the text for word count). 

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Current Season

"Dry Season"

Wildebeest Migration

Dry season (June-October)-- Little to no rainfall or prey.

Wet season (November-May)-- Lush scenery and an abundance of prey.

Other important times

Peak of wet season-- March and April

Wildebeest calving-- January-February

Wildebeest migration-- June-July